52 Kids Rescued in U.S. Prostitution Sweep

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LOS ANGELES — FBI officials say they have rescued 52 children in a series of raids around the country aimed at under-age prostitution.

Authorities say the youngest victim was a 10 year old girl prostituted by her mother to migrant workers.

The bureau and local police officials also arrested 60 pimps during the three-day enforcement effort in 36 cities.

The raids are the latest in a long-running Operation Cross Country aimed at child prostitution rings around the country.

Almost 1,600 agents and officers took part in the raids, which led to federal and state charges against a total of 691 suspects.

The investigations typically target places where minors are likely to be sold for sex, including truck stops, casinos, public streets, and Internet Web sites.

Juveniles Recovered by FBI Field Office:

Atlanta – 2
Chicago – 4
Cleveland (Toledo) – 7
Dallas – 2
Houston – 3
Las Vegas – 4
Los Angeles ( Riverside) – 2
Miami – 1
New York City – 5
Portland – 4
<strong>Sacramento – 4</strong>
San Diego – 3
Seattle – 9
Tampa – 2

From: http://www.chicagotribune.com/topic/ktla-prostitution-ring,0,7859930.story

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