HT Art

A work of art can be a powerful outreach and educational tool, but it can be difficult to portray human rights violations such as human trafficking.  If you are thinking about submitting a piece of your artwork to help raise awareness of human trafficking in the Sacramento region, here are some tips to keep in mind.

  • You choose the mood of your piece.  It can be shocking by using images of trafficking; or it can be hopeful by using images that represent rescue, restoration, and hope.
  • You can rely on symbolic imagery that relates to human trafficking—such as barbed wire and bars—or that relates to rescue and restoration—such as   building blocks, puzzle pieces, and clasped hands.
  • All submissions are greatly appreciated and will help to put an end to slavery in the Sacramento Region.

If you are interested in submitting artwork for one of our Art and Educational Events e-mail us at

Learn more about Creating Human Trafficking Art.

Below are some examples of human trafficking related artwork that have been donated or shown at previous events.  The artists include; Jennifer Berkenpas, Dawn Star Wood, Jalene Ducas and Luna Foster, Hilda Tonarely, and Jenvy Fox.

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